Maternity and Culture

An Illustrative Case On a cold November night, a young Japanese woman living in Detroit went to go comfort her crying newborn baby son. She saw he was in distress so she carried him outside and [...]

Using Insect Repellents While Pregnant

The recent discovery of the potential harm to infants exposed to Zika virus has reawakened the awareness of insect-borne diseases. Besides Zika, there are many other diseases spread by insect [...]

How Late in Pregnancy Can I Travel?

Pregnant travelers often ask us how late in pregnancy it is safe to travel. The answer to that has to take in a variety of considerations. For a normal, healthy pregnancy there are very few [...]

Placenta Previa and Other Abnormalities

As you may have heard or read, there is a reality celebrity in the news who is exploring the use of a surrogate to carry a third child due to two previous, very complicated pregnancies.  Doctors [...]

Diarrhea in Pregnancy

Diarrhea is not a common complaint during pregnancy but we see it often in our practice because it is a frequent problem among international travelers. This ailment does present some special [...]

Is It Safe To Fly When Pregnant?

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked at The Pregnant Traveler is in regard to pregnancy and air travel. Women ask about early pregnancy and flying, how long you can fly when [...]

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